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DC Personal Training

Find your path to change your life

DC Personal Training offers a tailored approach specifically designed to suit your needs and achieve your goals. In order to reach them in the safest, healthiest way possible you have to rely on the right Trainer. That’s why I’m here – do not postpone, because if you want a better Tomorrow you should start building it Today.

DC Personal Training is the thing for you IF :

  • You are looking for a personalised training program
  • You want to lose weight and tone up with a specific, personal supporter
  • You have to face rehabilitation or physical therapy
  • You want to be prepared for extreme challenges

Who I am

My name is Diego and I’m an experienced Personal Trainer. I’m based in Italy and I have collected quite a number of important national and international certificates (FIP, FIPE, NSCA, ELAV and EREPS). I did my training with the most important associations of my field, and thanks to the customers who trusted me with their goals I have gained experience both in 1-on-1 and Small Group (up to 3 participants) training. I’m a freelance PT, which means that I work both at home and in the gym – the place often depends on the needs and preferences of my customers. Target-oriented training is my philosophy: once we have set your goals, we have to highlight all the steps which will lead us on top.
I firmly believe that impossible is (almost) nothing when you have a genuine interest and a good support, and I’m sure that with the right attitude and a suitable method even the most ambitious targets can be achieved.

Who I am not

  • I’m not a miracle seller: DC Personal Training is a reliable, safe method which can help you achieve your goals. However, in order to work it needs you to be patient and focused. To change shape and lifestyle is only possible if you are willing to follow you schedule and work in compliance with your own time.
  • I’m not a one-size-fits-all solution: The preliminary analysis that helps me to get to know your physical condition could highlight some problems which are outside my expertise. In such cases, I’ll make it my business to help you find out who should solve those problems (it could be a nutritionist as well as a physical therapist). Then we will be able to program your training and start to go after your targets.


A path for each goal

A program for each person


All the attention of your personal trainer focused solely and exclusively on you. Two minds and two bodies working together for a single result – the one you want to achieve.


Share a personal trainer with your favorite workout partners! These sessions are designed to meet the expectations of all the participants, so each of you will still have a unique, tailored program.


Challenging yourself can be tough. What’s better than having a training partner ready to tackle each one of your weaknesses to rid you of them before you enter the fray?


Achieve your goals in the comfort of your own home. Home gym is both convenient and ruthless: there’s no excuse when someone brings the gym to you.



Fat is the number one enemy of every person who is (or feels) overweight.
Actually, fat is a useful ally of the human body in terms of protection and energy reserves. When fat is too much, though, it can represent a health hazard as well as a source of discontent. In such cases, the scientific and technical resources of a tailored training program can come in handy.

The first step is a preliminary check-up, an anthropometric assessment which is necessary to establish the right program for each person.

Cardio, weights, H.I.I.T. – High Intensity Interval Training – every kind of exercise is chosen and measured depending on the customers’ situation and their goals, often in combination with a balanced diet specially formulated by a nutritionist.


Toning Up and Hypertrophy

In order to get toned, bigger muscles we have to increase the amount of their building blocks.
Fibres, myofibrils, vascularity – each factor of the muscle dimesion and functionality has to be strengthened. To get such a complex result you can’t rely on a single activity: that’s why I work everyday to offer my clients the best personalised training programs.

In order to design yours we must set your goals on the basis of the shape you want to achieve, then we will plan a targeted training and monitored sessions to get you exactly where you want to be.

Ongoing assessment will be the key to a safe, functional mass gain achieved in accordance with your health and desires.


Mud run –

Strenght & Conditioning

The purpose of this kind of training is to take part in professional or extreme competitions.

Nothing is set, everything depends on the challenge you want to face and the goals you want to achieve.

Your training will take shape through the activities best suited to your needs, and a constant monitoring will steadily reassess your training sessions in order to regularly recalculate the workload. Every step towards your goals will be checked and measured to take into accout the timeline and quality of your training.


Functional recovery

It doesn’t matter the kind of accident or injury at the origin of trauma – our goal is always to recover and regain a complete, satisfying functionality as soon as possible.

In order to rehabilitate a traumatized limb, physical therapy is essential – unfortunately, often it is not enough. Pain, reduced activity, and weakness should be highlighted, fought, and resolved in the shortest possible time. That’s why while supporting athletes and amateurs I aim at the same outcome: bring each body back to its ideal condition. From pain management to coordination, and from joint to strenght recovery, every step in rehabilitation is a step towards complete healing.


DC Personal Training

A single method to reward each effort

At the gym as well as at your own home, DC Personal Training sides your workout with the reliability of a steady, tailored professional support. Through careful assessments and an accurate planning of the workload, this scientific training method will help you to achieve you fitness goals.

Whatever your purpose is, the secret to success is giving your body and you mind exactly what they are asking for: targeted training, step-by-step plans, passion, and motivation.

Thanks to continuous professional training, DC can offer you a method which is constantly evolving and always up-to-date.
DC Personal Training revolves around your real needs and is based on the most functional, innovative fitness solutions.

Contact me

The best time to take charge of your own health and body is now.

It’s time to start !

As a Certified Personal Trainer I have one primary mission: I want to help as many people as I can in their journey to get a perfect body.
That is why, in spite I’m currently based in Italy, I am willing to travel in order to work with inspired individuals from all over the world.
At the moment I am collecting contacts based in Middle East and I am willing to engage in a series of online 1-to-1 meetings in order to find the perfect solution to meet the needs of my prospective clients.

All you need to know:

  • Contacting me is 100% free. Our first online meeting will be focused on your desires and expectations. I will ask you some questions and offer you a preliminary check up in order to define the strategy we should follow.
  • We will discuss your goals and set an action plan based on your needs and availability. There are no standard solutions: your DC Training will be tailored on your body and the results you want to achieve.
  • Once we found the solution that suits you the most, I will arrange my trip and we will start working on your body as soon as I get to you.

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